So I created a page for the company but when they sent out the mass email the link on the main button was changed to something like this: https://examples/

So when people clicked on it the link would take them to the page but with not render the entire page. For some reason it wasn’t loading the JavaScript. Or at least it seemed like it. 

But that was easy, right? Just redirect that link! I tried using a plugin. Did not work. Then I went in the htaccess to add the redirect there ( I’m pretty sure that is what the plugin does, but I just want to make sure). That did not work either. 

I ended up just forcing with some jQuery finally. 

	if(jQuery(location).attr("href") =="https://examples/") 
	jQuery(location).attr("href",""); } 

That did the frickin trick! It felt awesome! Even though it was just and IF statement but still!